Frobacks are a four-piece, male street-dancing group from London who like to add comedy into their routines.

They formed just over a year ago, however, they are old friends who grew up in the same dancing community. Ryan had an idea to create a street dancing group that was fun and could appeal to all ages. He spoke to Gilly about it and they got their friends Alex and Reece to join.

Within the group they all have their unique roles. “Gilly is the ring master and the flamboyant one, Alex is the ladies’ man, Reece is the big friendly giant and Ryan tries to be the organiser and leader.”

Secretly, they all want to be superheroes. Gilly said: “There needs to be a superhero with dreadlocks!”

Speaking about their reaction when the Mirror opened during the Auditions, they said: “That was shocking and surreal. One minute you’re in the studio, the next we saw thousands of people. We didn’t know what to make of it. None of us remembered when the mirror opened – it’s a blur! Our hands were up in the air when it opened, it felt like a rollercoaster! We felt a big high and a rush of adrenalin.”

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