The Greatest Dancer’s Cheryl brings in famous faces for Frobacks’ performance – including Liam Payne

Cheryl and Liam Payne may no longer be a couple but they’ve proven that there’s no animosity between them, as Liam made a surprise cameo during The Greatest Dancer.

For dance captain Cheryl’s act Frobacks this week, their mentor arranged for messages from some famous faces to air during their performance as they danced to the likes of ‘Let Me Entertain You’, ‘Black Magic’ and Liam’s ‘Strip That Down’.

And, after ‘phone calls’ from Robbie Williams and Little Mix’s Perrie, we then saw Liam’s name pop up on the screen, before he appeared in his own ‘video chat’ to praise the group.

“Chez, can you put the Frobacks on please?” he said, before Cheryl turned the screen to face the group.

“Hey man, you guys are killing it,” Liam said to them. “I’d love you to teach me them tricks sometime, so make sure you get my number off Chez, okay?”

Viewers were loving the little moment, which showed that there’s no awkwardness between the former couple:



Frobacks are a four-piece, male street-dancing group from London who like to add comedy into their routines.

They formed just over a year ago, however, they are old friends who grew up in the same dancing community. Ryan had an idea to create a street dancing group that was fun and could appeal to all ages. He spoke to Gilly about it and they got their friends Alex and Reece to join.

Within the group they all have their unique roles. “Gilly is the ring master and the flamboyant one, Alex is the ladies’ man, Reece is the big friendly giant and Ryan tries to be the organiser and leader.”

Secretly, they all want to be superheroes. Gilly said: “There needs to be a superhero with dreadlocks!”

Speaking about their reaction when the Mirror opened during the Auditions, they said: “That was shocking and surreal. One minute you’re in the studio, the next we saw thousands of people. We didn’t know what to make of it. None of us remembered when the mirror opened – it’s a blur! Our hands were up in the air when it opened, it felt like a rollercoaster! We felt a big high and a rush of adrenalin.”


The Greatest Dancer: Cheryl left SPEECHLESS as contestants strip off in sexy routine

THE GREATEST DANCER captain Cheryl was left stunned last weekend when one dance group turned up the heat for their performance.

BBC The Greatest Dancer aired its first episode last weekend and viewers tuned in to see the three new dance captains take centre stage.

And during the first contestants performance Cheryl was left completely stunned.

Taking to the stage first was Frobacks with an energetic Street dance routine to a variety of classic tunes.

Seconds into the production one of the dancers ripped off his shirt and opened his jacket, much to the delighted surprise of Cheryl

The camera panned to the dance captain who was seen wide eyed and mouth opened.

Trying to play it cool, Cheryl leant back on her chair and smirked.

The audience loved the performance so much they received 75 per cent of votes and the studio mirrors slid open and revealed the arena.

Once the routine had come to an end, the judges then gave their comments.

Cheryl said: “This is the real deal. It is so obvious how close you are and that really shows in your performance.”

Oti Mabuse was next to give her feedback, but she struggled to string a sentence together because she was distracted by the men’s bodies and cheeky demeanour.

“From the outfits,” she began but fell about laughing as one of the dancers started swinging his hips.

“The outfits,” she tried again, but this time was distracted by someone wolf whistling in the audience.

Oti wasn’t the only one enjoying the display, host Alesha Dixon who was up onstage with the boys was also a little flushed.

“Alesha you happy yes?” Oti cheekily asked to which she replied: “Come on sensible, sensible.”

“Ok, ok, ok. Honestly that was so entertaining from the popping, from the locking, from the ripping off the top,” the Strictly Come Dancing professional explained.

“I see you on Strictly Come Dancing showing us how it is done! You are incredible,” she added.

Luckily for the boys they made it through to the callbacks, which will be shown later on in the series.

This weekend, several more contestants and dance troupes will take to the studio and perform.

Should they make it through, they are one step closer to winning £50,000 and a guest slot on Strictly Come Dancing.

The Greatest Dancer returns this Saturday at 8.10pm on BBC One.